So You Want To Buy A Cabin in the Carolinas

Asheville, NC – Has there been a better time to seek refuge in the hills, away from the endless humm and buzz of the city? To wrangle the kids, dogs, and pack up the car to head to your own basecamp in the blue ridge mountains? Maybe it has views? Maybe it’s tucked up on the side of the mountain – private – where you can taste the smell of open space?

With all that’s going on in the world right now, these questions keep cropping up in conversation. Needless to say, the answers are every bit as complicated as life right now. But more and more folks seem to be looking for properties they can escape to. A place where the screens can be turned off, fireplace lit, mugs warmed, and the frills of everyday life can be put aside – even if just for a moment.

As Fall settles into Asheville, the cool crisp air commands every ounce of my attention. I want to be outside. The trails are brilliant this time of year. There’s a reason why people move here and never leave. During season – before the cool turns to cold – people trade their rooftops for ridges. The smell of spruce-fir sparks joy and invites exploration. And after the year we’ve had, movement and play in the mountains is well-deserved.

Cabin-centric life in Asheville and the hills of Western North Carolina is very much alive and well today. Connection to nature, proximity to breweries, and refuge from the masses are all highly sought after. Statistically, there are few places quite like here. Cozy charmer cabins and exclusive million-dollar compounds are sprinkled throughout the hills. You have to be creative to find them – and that’s on purpose.

I’m looking forward to some of my favorite Fall meals: braised short ribs and balsamic-marinated pork tenderloin. And after a nice, long day of cooking, spending a few hours on the trail with Wesley, my Springer Spaniel. After all, if there’s anyone who was taught me how to unplug and enjoy life here in Asheville – it’s him.

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