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Information about Asheville, NC

Frequently asked questions about Asheville.

Asheville, NC continues to be one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. The Blue Ridge Parkway, Pisgah and Nantahala national forest, and Great Smoky Mountains national park are extremely popular travel destinations. These spots continue to attract people from all over the country, which keeps our local economy and housing market healthy.

The population of Asheville is estimated to be over 93,000, with almost 470,000 people living in the Asheville metro area. Asheville is the 12th largest city in North Carolina, and has grown by almost 12% since 2010.

The population density of Asheville is lower than average, at about 2,048 people per square mile. Access to the outdoors, privacy, and the natural beauty of the mountains are some of the most appealing aspects of the city that keep drawing people from California, Charlotte, Florida, and the Northeast. With little room to grow within the City, prices have increased, and new construction starts just outside of Asheville have experienced growth.

With so many natural attractions like the Blue Ridge Highway, Pisgah National Forest, the Art Loeb and Appalachian Trail, and Mount Mitchell, Asheville has so much more to offer than the average city in the US.

With over 40+ breweries, Asheville attracts beer lovers, admirers, and the beer-curious from all over the globe. Asheville has even earned the moniker, “Beer City, USA.”

Asheville is also known for its unending love of dogs. I've never lived somewhere that dogs are held in such high regard. Everyone seems to have at least one dog, and they are treated as family members, as they are. Currently, as far I know, we are the only city in the US with a “dog welcome center.” The majority of restaurants, cafes, and shops have an open and accepting policy towards dogs. Most condos also allow pets, as do several of the hotels in the Central Business District in Downtown Asheville.

The main areas or neighborhoods around Asheville include Montford, Five Points, West Asheville, Malvern Hills, Beaver Lake, South Asheville, Biltmore Forest, Fairview, Leicester, Bent Creek, Woodfin, and Swannanoa. These suburbs are all located in Buncombe County.

At an elevation of just over 2,000 feet, much of Asheville sits along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The geography of the area varies dramatically from neighborhood to neighborhood. There are foothills, rolling hills, treed forests, mountain-side properties, and flat farmland, all within minutes of each other and ranging from 2,000 feet elevation to 4,000+ feet elevation. It’s essential to get to know the area before purchasing a home or condo here, because the geography is so heterogenous.

Hi, I'm Dylan!

My name is Dylan and I’m the author/owner of I started this blog as a way to document some of my favorite parts about living in Asheville.

After a decade in academics, I moved to Asheville after falling in love with the Blue Ridge Mountains. When I'm not working, you can find me rock climbing, playing volleyball, and snacking on craft donuts.

I enjoy meeting folks from all over the world - through my blog and my work - who are exploring the possibility of calling Asheville home. 

If you’ve fallen in love with Asheville or are somewhere in the process of it, I hope this site is helpful to you.

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"Dylan was a great Realtor®, with whom to work. I couldn’t have asked for a more professional and affable person to help my partner and I find a new home. From the moment we started working together, I could count on him. If I needed to ask the smallest question or need explanations concerning the most complex idiosyncrasies of real estate, he was there. Stellar all around. I feel lucky to have found him. "

-Kevin Miller

"Dylan was INCREDIBLE! From the start of the process, he was very attentive and communicative. He took time to get to know our needs, our priorities, our budget, and our preferences. Then, the properties he sent us to review made sense. The most impressive part of working with him was how knowledgeable he was about the area. "

-Tracey Argueta

"Dylan is knowledgeable, hard-working, trustworthy and dedicated.  He made us feel like we were his only clients because he was extremely timely responding even nights and weekends.  As first time buyers we had quite a few ups and downs, but Dylan really went above and beyond to make the process smooth. "

-Chris Hardoin

"Dylan was amazing during our house hunting and purchasing process.  He was so patient about showing the places that we wanted to see, and willing to take us back more than once if requested.  Once we decided to make an offer he basically did everything for us that he was able to do. "

-Kelly Leach