Meet Dylan

Meet Dylan, Realtor in Asheville, NC

Hello, I'm Dylan. I'm a Realtor in Asheville, North Carolina.

I've helped 100+ clients find their lifestyle a home.

From Harvard to Homes in Asheville, NC

Before real estate, I earned my doctorate at the University of Florida and ultimately went on to work at Harvard University. I spent 10 years in public health and led small but diverse teams who focused on improving the lives of children with chronic illness. I had the pleasure of getting to personally mentor over 50 young professionals - all who had different skills, dreams, and ambitions. During this time, I gained experience in project management (planning, budget, procurement, implementation) all while working on exciting and cutting edge research projects.

My foray into real estate started as a series of personal investments with partners and family. After Harvard, I decided to make it a full-time career, and today it remains the best decision I ever made. I'm totally indebted to my clients (who are amazing) and my extremely supportive family who have resulted in my business being successful and recognized by peers and the media.

In my first year of real estate, I immediately made an impact by setting a company record and becoming rookie of the year. I've gone on to sell hundreds of homes as a solo agent (my hundreth was in 2019), and to this day I'm stunned when I pick up the phone and it's a client I've helped years prior, or their friend. Apparently something is working, because the phone keeps ringing.

My philosophy on real estate, lifestyle, and living in Asheville, NC

As a Realtor, public health is still one of my passions and the connection to real estate is not a far leap. It's why I moved to Asheville.

Where we live, access to natural resources like mountains, rivers, lakes, food, recreation, and housing, are all critically important to how we feel and our quality of life.

Development patterns drive street networks, walkability, density, and urban sprawl. Our lifestyles and health are tightly connected to the natural and built environment: they can make us sick, or they can make us healthy.

So many people are moving to Asheville because they've asked the question "where will my lifestyle be at home?" In search of a healthy and active lifestyle, people are finding answers to that question in Asheville's mountains, trails, culture, and community.

I believe that where you live should never be an obstacle to health, recreation, and play. We all work hard, and we all deserve a life that's as rich with adventure and exploration as it is full of work.

My top five Asheville things:

1. Trails

2. Beer

3. Bears

4. Trees

5. All the food

Making real estate better for my clients and my colleagues in Asheville, NC

My passion is making real estate a better place than I found it, both for my clients and my colleagues. To do that, I partner with several LGBTQ+-centric relocation companies to help make real estate better for LGBTQ+ people moving to Asheville. I'm all about representation especially in our field where federal law has yet to catch up with individual rights.

Because of my passion for public health, representation, and equal access, in 2019 I partnered with Fenway Health, a healthcare organization focused on women, LGBTQ+, & minorities. In 2019, I raised $1,825 in support of Fenway Health. Every person should have access to the same high quality care regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, ability, medical history, or zip code at birth. The same goes for real estate.

I did not start out thinking that my own diversity was important to my mission or impact in this profession and elsewhere.

I have bought, renovated, and sold several homes and personal residences. I've come to know first-hand the uncertainty and discomfort that can accompany a purchase or sale. And I've come to know first-hand the uncertainty and discomfort that can accompany a doctor's visit. Neither of those things are OK, and if I am in a position or have an opportunity to help, that's what I've set out to do.

Drop me a quick message if you are considering moving to the area.

Other interesting facts about me and real estate in Asheville, NC

  • It's no secret that I think Asheville is one of the best places to live in the US.
  • I got an education and training at the University of Florida and Harvard and I am ridiculously passionate about education, educators, and the role of learning in equalizing our differences.
  • I enjoy mentoring other real estate agents. If you're looking for a mentor, contact me.
  • I love giving and believe in making things a little bit better for the next person. I raised $1,825 for LGBTQ+ health services and volunteer for Asheville Habitat for Humanity.
  • I'm a runner. I started running in college in the flatlands of Florida, so running in Asheville is a HUGE treat. Over the years, I’ve challenged myself with marathons, challenge course races, and even toed the line at a few ultra-distance races. I was training for the Boston Marathon in 2020, which was understandably cancelled due to COVID. Living in Asheville, I spend most of my time on the trails, but I have also enjoyed these marathons:
    • Walt Disney Dopey Challenge
    • Gate to Gate Trail 25k (Gainesville, Fl)
    • Tallahassee Ultra Distance Classic (50k in Tallahassee, Fl)
    • New York City Marathon (NYC)
    • Big Sur International Marathon (Big Sur, California)
    • Disney World Marathon (Orlando, Fl)
    • Five Points of Life Half Marathon (Gainesville, Fl)
  • I enjoy rock climbing at Cultivate Climbing and placed 2nd in the local bouldering competition in 2023.
  • I play beach volleyball competitively and participate in leagues and tournaments throughout the year.
  • I hold a doctoral degree from the University of Florida and worked for ten years in public health which took me to Harvard. Public health matters greatly to me and my public health background has a huge impact on my real estate business.
  • Dogs are life. I have a Springer Spaniel, Wesley. Half of the reason we live in Asheville is because it is Dog City, USA. We absolutely chose our home because it is close to water, trails, and parks.
  • I consider myself a life-long learner and believe every person can teach me something.

Dylan Lennon Professional Bio

In a short few years, Dylan's focus on WOW customer service, evidence-based decisions, and giving back has earned him the trust of 100's of clients, respect of his peers, and recognition by the industry and media.

Energetic and detail-oriented, Dylan's multi-million dollar production has earned him recognition as a top performer consistently since 2016. Dylan specializes in residential sales from the smallest condo to multi-million dollar estates. His resume includes sales ranging from $40,000 to 1MM+ and countless repeat customers. Dylan's goal is to represent clients who expect the highest level of professionalism and personal service. He is a Zillow 5-Star agent.

Dylan is partnered with Keller Williams to leverage his marketing skills with KW's technology to produce an amazing experience from contract to close for his clients.


Dylan's areas of expertise include:

Assisting clients relocating to Asheville, NC

Dylan spends nearly 50% of his time working with clients relocating to Asheville from other states in the US. Many of these clients are professionals who want to work remotely in the most beautiful place on the earth. And others are families and individuals who want to experience the amazing lifestyle of Western North Carolina. Dylan's vast knowledge of the area helps clients find the location that fits best with their lifestyle. Several relocation companies place their customers with Dylan so that he can provide an introduction to the Asheville area and facilitate the home search.

Market data and trends in Asheville, NC

As a former university-level researcher, Dylan excels in providing customers with the data they need to make decisions. Dylan is a leader in market knowledge and stays on top of data relevant to the practice of real estate in Western North Carolina.

Marketing Homes Digitally

Dylan is on top of the latest in technology, photography, and social media trends to connect the right buyers with the right homes at the right time. As the author of a top real estate blog, Dylan is interviewed locally and nationally regarding the Asheville real estate market, social media, marketing strategies, and his success in the market. Find recent press here.


86 Asheland Avenue

Asheville, NC 28801,




Don’t hesitate to text or e-mail me. You can e-mail me directly at or text me at 828-412-0678. Or, you can use the form below.

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