Guide to Asheville's Best Condos

Asheville is home to a great variety of condo options, from luxury buildings to boutique mid-rises, lofts and townhomes.

Curious about condo living in Asheville? Looking for a lock-and-leave condo in the mountains?

You may be interested to know that Asheville’s skyline has more than 100 established luxury buildings, boutique mid-rises, condominium complexes, and sprawling townhome communities.

The city is home to a mix of high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise condos.

I've collected information on the most popular condos in Asheville and have compiled a guide for each one.

Does Asheville have condos for sale?

Yes, although Asheville's condo market is much smaller than the single family home market.

Are condos popular in Asheville?

Asheville condo living is becoming very popular. Next-door living to the Blue Ridge Mountains, lock-and-leave lifestyle, security and full-service amenities are just some of its main benefits.

Buying a condo in Asheville can be very challenging due to the sheer variety of options available.

Are there new construction condos in Asheville?

Yes, several new condo buildings are being constructed currently (contact us to see which buildings have been put on hold).

As with single family homes resale and location are two key factors impacting value.

However, unlike single family homes, building amenities (in relation to its HOA fees), condo appreciation rates, and other unit variables continue to be key factors condo buyers should watch.

Where can I find a guide on condos in Asheville?

Below, I've included links to more than 50 pages of detailed information about condos in Asheville.

I believe this is the most detailed source of information about Asheville condos that is available to-date.

All of the information is deemed to be reliable, and I strive to keep this information current, but I am constantly reviewing an updating as new information becomes available.

Read on for detailed information and resources about condos in Asheville.


The Asheville condo market is constantly changing and new construction projects are altering skyline.

There are currently several new condo developments in the Downtown and South Slope regions of Asheville. These projects are at various stages of development.

I monitor new condo construction and updates to complete buildings regularly and publish updates on my blog regularly.

Below are recent condo blog posts.

If you’d like to see any specific condo units or learn about residential condo buildings that are best for you, please contact me, Dylan Lennon, at You can also text or call me at 828-412-0678.

Asheville Condo Guide [Updated April 2023]

By Dylan Lennon, REALTOR®

This guide to buying a condo in Asheville will help you navigate the real estate market in one of America’s most desirable cities to live in. When I sat down to write this guide, I wanted to give a realistic take on what it’s like to enter into the Asheville condo real estate market as a buyer. Throughout the guide, I’ll do my best to share information that real estate agents may be reluctant to share about our local market, and I’ll drip links to dozens of other useful articles to help you get more comfortable with Asheville real estate. …

District Brewery: New Condo Development In Asheville, NC

By Dylan Lennon, REALTOR®

In early November 2021, the City of Asheville issued “final approval” for the development of “District Brewery“, a mixed-use condo/hotel/brewery located in the South Slope neighborhood, just south of Central Business District in Asheville, NC. Led by Brett Krueger, including a team comprised of Peter Alberice Brooks Engineering Associates and associates at Headwater Environmental, Inc., District Brewery will include 25 hotel rooms, 10 residential condos, and a brewery! Also planned is a roof deck event pace with crane set foodtruck. This condo development will be the first of its kind and first hotel in the South Slope Brewery district, offering…

Virtual Tour: Asheville’s Most Expensive Condo Buildings For 2022

By Dylan Lennon, REALTOR®

Asheville’s luxury condo market is on the rise, and it’s worth taking a look at some of the most expensive buildings. Virtual tours offer a convenient way to explore these high-end properties from the comfort of your own home. See Asheville’s top luxury condo buildings: from affluent Arras high rise to exclusive 17 N Market. 1. Arras Condo Building The Arras Condo Building is located within heart of Downtown Asheville and is one of the most exclusive condo buildings in the area. The Arras features premier living, fabulous views, and accessibility. Arras Condos are sought-after due to their: DOWNTOWN LOCATION:…

The Haywood: What’s Going on with Downtown Asheville’s Newest Condo Project?

By Dylan Lennon, REALTOR®

The landscape of the downtown Asheville condo market could be changing drastically. The Haywood, a condo development originally approved for development and construction at 123 Haywood Street in downtown Asheville, may be converted into a hotel project. At a recent Design Review Committee meeting, the condo-hotel conversion was proposed, suggesting that the developers plan on flipping the existing approved condo project into a hotel. Initially, the condo development was marketed and sold off as an 18-unit luxury condo project. Today, units at The Haywood are still actively being marketed for sale. Market rate prices for a 1-bedroom unit in The…

Asheville Condos Most Popular With My Clients

The following Asheville condos most frequently show up on my clients’ showing list due to: location, price point ($250k-$750k), services, “reasonable” maintenance fee, and historical ability to hold value.

45 Asheland Example Kitchen
45 Asheland Kitchen

Popular Neighborhoods for Condos in Asheville

In addition to the stunning natural beauty and vibrant arts scene, Asheville is also known for its diverse range of neighborhoods, each with its own unique character and charm.

When it comes to condos, some of the most popular neighborhoods for development include downtown Asheville (The Arras,17 N Market Street, 12 South Lexington, 60 North Market, 55 South Market Street, The Kress), South Slope/Biltmore Village (Bauhaus, 145 Biltmore), and West Asheville (The Landings).

Downtown Asheville is a bustling area filled with shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions, making it a prime location for those who want to be in the heart of the action.

Biltmore Village, on the other hand, offers a more historic and upscale feel, with its tree-lined streets and proximity to the famous Biltmore Estate.

Finally, West Asheville is known for its laid-back vibe and eclectic mix of restaurants, bars, and shops, as well as its close proximity to the River Arts District, a hub for artists and creatives.

No matter what your lifestyle preferences may be, there is a condo development in Asheville that will suit your needs and provide the perfect home base for exploring all that the city has to offer.

Asheville Condo Statistics (Last 3 years)

Condo BuildingMedian Sales PriceMedian Sales Price Per Square Foot
12 South Lexington Avenue Condominium480000548.4897
145 Biltmore Avenue Condominiums715250733.2762
21 Battery Park1040000520.4826
32 Broadway540750449.0461
45 Asheland Avenue550000649.9356
55 South Market480000569.6970
60 North Market742500633.2728
73 Broadway Condominiums2850000652.9210
Aberdeen Meadows477500222.8705
Albemarle Reserve396000169.3587
Amber Sunset328418191.6708
Ardmion Park1400000661.7539
Asheville Arras Residence972000699.8975
Asheville Racquet Club Village265000213.3655
Azalea Point166000166.0000
Baldwin Commons252000179.3594
Battery Park Condominiums1000000531.6321
Bauhaus South Slope700000361.3177
Beaucatcher House247000215.4565
Beaverdam Run760000288.3569
Bee Tree Village340000205.4331
Bee Tree Village Cliffside321500229.9700
Beverly Condos200000241.5211
Biltmore Commons232500174.9350
Biltmore Courtyard369000553.3182
Biltmore Forest685000330.9179
Biltmore Lake525000238.0952
Biltmore Park405000327.8689
Biltmore Park Town Square472500391.8274
Biltmore Village Condominiums600000294.1176
Birch Forest187125168.6956
Black Horse Run440000226.1048
Bourne Lane Condominiums685000322.2013
Bradley Branch267645191.4551
Brookhaven Village224500164.4394
Buck Cove Townhouses204750208.2108
Buckshot Ridge201000209.7826
Byrd Road Townhomes449500233.2641
Byrd Townhomes414950215.3347
Canterbury Heights132000114.1869
Carlyle Condominiums199900163.5843
Carrington Place205000169.0703
Carrington Place Condos205000176.4200
Cedar Forest216000202.6390
Cedarwood Estates279000198.0742
Charlotte Street Condos707500329.8368
Cherry Blossom Cove290590201.7986
Chunns View533000271.2468
Cirrus Condominiums395000334.1794
Clingman Lofts255000341.2017
Courtside Condominiums Phase295000237.5201
Covington Crossing202000161.1264
Craggy View Cottages398700225.1309
Creekside Condo at Laurel Creek280000252.2523
Creekside Village266500187.5598
Crest Mountain682000224.9782
Crowell Farms340000204.2042
Crowfields Condos425000184.3391
Dillingham Woods379000186.6995
Downtown District812000667.7712
Eastwood Village210000238.8743
Fairway Villas445000190.4966
Fernstone Village321500186.3027
Fountain Park293970172.1424
Gaia Condos332000339.5886
Garden Springs232500181.5814
Grove at Appeldoorn177000178.7843
Grove Park650000444.1088
Hamburg Crossing423000235.6172
Haw Creek350000188.3746
Haw Creek Heights243000233.3081
Haw Creek Villas250000186.2745
Heywood Crossing165000166.6667
Highland Pointe520000279.7203
Hollybrook Condos239000165.2835
Hudson Street Cottages400000336.0555
Lake Julian Trails262500165.1809
Lakeview Condominiums458000296.0569
Laurel Creek200000182.4015
Laurel Place361490206.7278
Ledbridge Estates330000254.4333
Ledbridge Villas292500189.4085
Ledbridge Vista390000164.6676
Lees Creek Villas195750191.9118
Leicester Village172000165.7033
Lexington Station435000386.5879
Liberty Condominium323500626.0398
Liberty Oaks245000178.2610
Llama Vista387500250.1783
Lookout Condominiums260500248.0952
Magnolia Creek350000233.0226
Mayfair Glen410000185.8678
Meadows Of Bradley Branch245000178.2127
Merritt Park Condominium329000308.3411
Mica Village280000299.4707
Mills Creek Condominiums252000196.8559
Mount Carmel Village262500179.5123
Mount Soma265000138.3143
Mountain Vista Estates559000159.8513
Mountainbrook Village390000236.1005
Myra Village455000224.4697
Nine South525000287.5137
Ninety Patton Avenue780000458.0153
Northbrook Place260000243.2180
Northridge Commons298240216.9018
Oak Terrace304000251.1775
Old Penneys Building Condos465000494.8586
Oxford Place744000583.0721
Park Lane Condominiums291638257.2829
Parkway Vista Townhome207500151.9681
Pearl Street300000280.3738
Pebble Creek210000154.2208
Pensacola Heights280000158.7258
Pine Cliff Condominiums279000227.1405
Pine Cliff Villas320000137.6936
Pinebrook Farms604900216.1066
Prospect Terrace Condominiums300000338.5417
Racquet Club Village377500229.0091
Rainbow Terrace354800201.8344
Ravencroft Condominiums186250177.8846
Reems Creek Townhomes295000177.0708
Residences At Biltmore365000408.0977
Reynolds Mountain1225000346.9272
Riverside Terrace204000133.5953
Robinhood Villas415000254.9140
Rose Briar Townhomes226000188.4422
Royal Pines Village372400145.4428
Sawyer Motor Building745000516.9617
Scenic View Terrace232500177.0486
Seasons At Biltmore Lake194500216.0102
Sherwood Heights440000213.4886
Sixty Haywood St Condos750000310.8164
Skyloft Condos310000273.0769
Sleepy Hollow184000152.0661
South Oaks687500249.5587
South Village Condominiums325000285.3380
Southside Townhomes838750390.7347
Southside Village450000191.9422
Southway Gardens152250146.1200
Springside Forest265000202.7544
Starview Heights431580117.1498
Sunset Park277000305.0661
Sunset Ridge Condominiums153500220.5665
Sweet Birch Commons503815229.2142
Sycamore Cove418083254.3431
The Aston Condominium775000533.3333
The Broadway Asheville1030364440.6128
The Cliffs at Walnut Cove1539950385.0922
The Cloisters247500209.7458
The Colony158000150.4854
The Commons at Nancy Street244400165.6949
The Cottages at Averys Creek493309284.3151
The Fitzgerald Condominium1957500813.1356
The Grove at Appeldoorn195000197.7330
The Hills at Averys Creek172000162.6781
The Hills At Averys Creek232500224.1334
The Kress Condominium393000556.5068
The Landings390270467.3380
The Lofts at Mica Village376000403.8668
The Lynx Condominium256000173.1324
The Pioneer Building352500503.5714
The Residence at 1511800000829.8755
The Residences at Biltmore358000418.9678
The Springs Of North Asheville409400247.8049
The Terrace at Reynolds Mountain627000329.6149
The Timbers621000199.4215
The Village at Chunns Cove608150269.5392
The Villas At Westridge236000231.3725
The Wildes at Chunns Cove448000222.3896
Timbers Condominiums655000211.7264
Tremont at Hyannis Dr375000267.9467
Twenty-One Haywood Street Condominiums850000484.0547
University Terrace III34500222.5806
Village At Bradley Branch275390197.4724
Village On Haywood285000366.3239
Village Park605000263.0733
Villas At Cedar Hill230000172.9323
Vistas of Westfield419900188.6015
Waters Edge Condos355000224.3995
Waterstone Place330000171.0630
West Asheville322000315.1140
West Pointe At Crowell Farms371000220.7353
Westwood Cohousing426575350.6720
Willoughby Run230000181.2500
Willow Arbor359000192.0813
Willow Creek Village282000174.8252
Wind In The Oaks467500266.2213
Windswept Views332500316.9430
Woodfield Condos380000161.3924
Woodfin Manor238750154.9995
Woodland Hills135000153.5836
Woodland Trails163000181.5642

Most Expensive / Most Luxurious Asheville Condo Buildings

Asheville Arras Skyline
Asheville Arras Skyline

The following buildings are known for top-tier service, amenities, reputation and/or location:

Asheville Condo HOA Fees and Amenities

If you’re considering buying a condo in Asheville, make sure that you’re aware of the monthly homeowner association (HOA) fees, their true costs, the benefits you get from being a resident, and the qualities that make a building successful.

It's also important to note that HOA fees have an impact on financing, as banks will require you to pay both HOA fees and taxes on time (they don't like 3rd party senior liens). Taxing authorities and homeowners associations can place a lien on your condo unit if you don't pay their bills.

As such, high HOA fees can become an issue once you resell. Historically, older buildings (from the 1960s to 1980s) have higher fees, mostly due to several amenities, and limited energy efficiency. Some of these buildings also have residents sharing utilities like electricity.

I've written a guide to buying a condo in Asheville that covers some of these topics in greater detail.

Asheville Condo Appreciation Trends

There are three critical factors to consider when buying a condo in Asheville: the building's resale history, the building's median sale price, and the building's unique personality and atmosphere.

It's also important to take note of the building's 10-year and 5-year sales performance, as it's important to understand how a particular building performed during a downturn. Some newer developments do not have these statistics, so other factors need to be considered.

With ~100 residential buildings from which to choose, buyers should be wary about where to place their investments. Not all Asheville condos have performed well over the years.

Some buildings are fantastic, well-managed, have great staff, have solid reserve accounts, and have consistent demand.

By contrast, some buildings suffer from high HOA fees (despite limited amenities), inconsistent management, and have a spotty appreciation track record.

Additionally, the "X-factor" in Asheville condo real estate, "mountain views," has considerable impact on condo valuation in our market.

Buying or Selling an Asheville Condo

I've had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients and love getting to do real estate in the Asheville urban market.

Deciding to buy or sell a condo in the Asheville area comes with a lot of decisions regarding weighing variables that impact timing and pricing.

I have direct experience selling in the urban condo market in Asheville and would be more than happy to discuss your needs by e-mail, phone or text.

Here are a few reviews from past clients:

Susan Sharin
5 months ago
Dylan is an extraordinary realtor. He is utterly thorough, highly ethical, conscientious, charming, and an excellent communicator. Without question, Dylan goes the extra mile. I...
Julie Ann Cooper
2 years ago
Dylan did a fantastic job of finding us a great property, negotiating offer price and repairs, and smoothing out the final bumps to ensure we...
Chris Hardoin
6 years ago
Dylan is knowledgeable, hard-working, trustworthy and dedicated. He made us feel like we were his only clients because he was extremely timely responding even...
Dylan Lennon, REALTOR®

Dylan Lennon, REALTOR®

I'm Dylan Lennon, an Asheville local, the founder of this Asheville Real Estate website, and a Realtor in Asheville. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. I appreciate your time spent on this site and am always open to suggestions and ideas from our readers. You can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, or contact me through this website. I'd love to hear from you.