About Dylan Lennon, Gay Realtor in Asheville, NC

I am very candid and open about living in Asheville, and it is no secret that I love what I do and that I love living in Western North Carolina. Your trust, privacy, and respect are my top priorities. Working with me is a partnership to find your lifestyle a home in the mountains. If you've fallen in love with Asheville or are somewhere in the process of it, let's chat. Discovering what's possible (and what's not) is an exciting adventure - and I'm always thrilled to experience that with people moving to this area.

Before real estate, I worked at the University of Florida and Harvard University. After Harvard, I moved to Asheville. I began my dream job in real estate, and built a life here. In my first year of real estate, I was rookie of the year. I have earned recognition and mentions in several media outlets. In 2019, I traveled to Google's Boston, MA offices to further my impact and support other LGBTQ+ real estate professionals across the country.

Why Work with a Gay Realtor?

You deserve representation in one of the largest financial transactions of your life. You do not have to sacrifice representation in search of an honest, experienced, high-performing Realtor. Whether you are hiring me to sell you home, or we are working together to find your new place in Asheville, know that I share your interests. I have bought, renovated, and sold several homes and personal residences. I know first-hand the uncertainty and discomfort that can accompany a purchase or sale. I have a consistent track record of helping LGBTQ+ individuals and families find and sell homes.

Partner of LGBT Real Estate Relocation Company

For several years, I have partnered with GayRealEstate.com to redefine the experience of relocating to Asheville, NC for LGBTQ+ individuals and minorities. Starting out, I had no idea I would be able to have an impact in the LGBTQ+ community through real estate. This has and continues to THE MOST fulfilling part of what I do. It is my "WHY" and what gets me up in the morning. I'm proud to be a gay Realtor in Asheville.

In addition to helping LGBTQ+ individuals and their families relocate to the greater Asheville area, I believe in giving back to the profession. Through the Keller Williams Rainbow Network, I support corporate initiatives that promote diversity in real estate.

"My passion is making real estate better for my clients and my colleagues."

Finally, in addition to my impact through partnerships with gay-centric real estate organizations, I support several other LGBT-owned businesses, locally and nationally. Why? Representation matters to me. It is why I try to spend most of my marketing dollars with minority-owned businesses. And it's not hard to do that here in Asheville. We have a very rich collection of small businesses driving the local economy - many LGBT-owned and operated.

My "Why"

Over the years, I've been very proud to represent diverse clients moving from all over the globe. Every year, I'm stunned at the number of times my phone rings to have a client say that they found my website, and that they'd like to move to Asheville. All I can say is that this journey has been unexpected, but I am grateful and humbled to work with so many of you.

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Asheville in the Press

About Moving to Asheville - FAQ

The city of Asheville has a population of about 90,000 people, but the larger metro area includes more than 400,000 people.

Is Asheville LGBT-Friendly?

Blue Ridge Pride (hosted online this year due to COVID) is a marquee annual event with dozens of local and corporate sponsors including The YMCA, ThermoFisher, Explore Asheville, & J Crew. There is a large presence of LGBT-owned businesses and professionals operating and serving the community.

Are there LGBT groups near Asheville?

There are over 20 LGBTQ+ centered meetup groups in Asheville. From fitness clubs to breakfast clubs, chorus, adventure, and everything in between, there are several ways to meet LGBT and LGBT-friendly people in Asheville.

How I Approach Relocation

Moving to Asheville from another city looks different for everyone. Moving from Charlotte to Asheville is a very different type of logistics and relocation experience than moving from Florida to Asheville. Regardless of where you are coming from, whether this is a primary residence or secondary residence, I view my job as that of a "hub" for your move.

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Initial Consult & (Virtual) Tour of Asheville

I love answering questions about Asheville, and because of the pandemic I am understanding and supportive of efforts to minimize unnecessary social interactions to protect the health and safety of my friends, family, and clients. Since the start of the pandemic, I have been doing Zoom and FaceTime tours of Asheville and would love to show you what Asheville has to offer (from a safe distance!). Drop me a line to schedule a virtual coffee tour of Asheville: dylanjlennon@gmail.com.

Move Logistics

Moving to Asheville was complicated before COVID, and COVID has taken things to another level. As the "hub" for your move, I'm happy to help connect you with resources to make your relocation easier: movers, storage, short-term or long-term rentals, and other logistics. I also have established relationships with local vendors for mortgages, inspectors, and apartments and am happy to give recommendations.

Home Marketing Assistance

If your relocation to Asheville includes selling your home, I have a small but robust list of agents (whom I have vetted) that I can send to you. This list of agents has grown over the years into new areas as my relocation business has grown. Even if your area is not on the list yet, I am happy to conduct agent interviews and vetting on your behalf to give you 3-4 good options.

Lets Get Coffee

Dylan Lennon

50% of my business is LGBTQ+ clients & families relocating to, or within, Asheville. The other 50% is a mixture of referrals from past clients and from agents around the country with whom I've established professional relationships.

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