Asheville Area Schools

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I am a huge proponent of education and believe knowledge is the great equalizer. I know how important education is to you and for your kids. The Asheville area offers a variety of public, private, and charter schools with unique curricula, programs, and focuses for students.

Schools for your kids

Asheville and the surrounding areas offer public, private, and charter schools.

Public Schools in the Asheville area

Note: Always verify school zone/district information and enrollment policies prior to making a real estate decision. Asheville City Schools can be reached at (828) 350-7000 and Buncombe County Schools can be reached at (828) 255-5921. Official verification for locations and specific school attendance assignments must be obtained directly through the Buncombe County Schools’ Transportation Department: (828) 232-4240

Schools in Buncombe County

There are two school districts in Buncombe County: Asheville City Schools and Buncombe County Schools

Asheville City Schools

Buncombe County Schools

More information about Asheville’s primary and secondary schools

Private schools in the Asheville area

North Carolina’s “edChoice” initiative includes several educational resources and opportunities in the form of vouchers. Through two different voucher programs, North Carolina provides private school vouchers to children of low-income households or to children with qualifying special needs. Families can use these school vouchers to pay for tuition or other qualifying educational expenses or resources.

The State of North Carolina maintains a directory of private schools here. The 2019-2020 Directory of Private Schools by County produced by the State of North Carolina can be accessed here.

Buncombe County website also includes a short list of private schools in the area.

Charter schools in the Asheville area

There are a number of charter schools in Buncombe County. Charter schools are generally tuition-free public schools that open to any North Carolina resident. Charter schools are public schools of choice that are authorized by the State Board of Education and operated by independent non-profit boards of directors. They control their own curriculum, staffing, organization and budget. In exchange for this freedom, they must maximize student potential and meet and exceed North Carolina’s academic standards.

For more information on charter schools, see the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Website.

The Buncombe County website has a list of charter schools in the area.

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Exploring higher-ed? Check out any of these graduate and undergraduate programs offered within and around the greater Asheville area.

Asheville area colleges and universities include:

The North Carolina Community College system is yet another fantastic resource for those seeking further education in the post-secondary school system. The NCCCS operates in all 100 North Carolina counties through a network of 58 community colleges.

Frequently Asked Questions about Schools

Where can I find the report cards for schools in Buncombe county?

The North Carolina School Report Cards are presented for Buncombe county here.

If you have questions about the report cards, you can call the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction at 984-236-2100.

What school district is this house zoned for?

School district boundaries and maps can be confusing, especially if you are new to the area or this is your first time enrolling your child in school. The following website can provide you with helpful information that will get you an answer quickly:

As always, Buncombe County Schools’ Transportation Department is happy to answer your questions about schools and can be reached at (828) 232-4240.

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Search Homes in the Buncombe County School District

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