Best Asheville Zipcodes for Buyers (Updated May 2023)

What are the best (and worst) zipcodes for Asheville buyers?

It’s the middle of the month and a great time to check in. There were ~590 homes in our market this morning that have not sold.
We’re seeing lots of price reductions. Price reductions == opportunities for Buyers in a very competitive market.
Sometimes its helpful to look at our local market from 30,000 feet, to see what’s up.
With one cup of coffee I fired up ChatGPT to write a little code and organize these data for me. Simple, but effective.
There are opportunities out there if you’re a Buyer, but not where you think.

Best Zipcodes for Buyers in Asheville

The data is for Buncombe County (Data from the MLS for homes active as of early on 5/16, in all zips).
Since the county is huge, I segmented into zips. I know, not perfect.
Then, I analyzed every zip that has over 10 active listings and compared the total number of properties with price reductions to the total number of active listings.
Zips with neighborhoods with the highest percentage of properties with a price reduction are on the “Best For Buyers” list.
This is as of this morning.
Surprised or not?

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