3 Easy Housing Upgrades

There are several things that you can do to prep your house for sale without having to do a major renovation.

Tackling small projects around the house that you normally skip in your cleaning process are easy “wins” when it comes to getting your house ready for sale.

Although it is definitely a seller’s market in Asheville, here are 3 easy housing upgrades sellers can do to help their home “show” better digitally and in person.

3 Easy Housing Upgrades

#1 Update lighting

Buyers love well-lit homes, and lighting is a crucial design element. The right lighting can make cold and unfriendly spaces feel warm and welcoming.

Tip: swap out old bulbs, use the same types of bulbs, and clean the lamp shades.

#2 Touch up paint

You may not notice the tiny nicks and scratches on your walls, but buyers will. In 30 minutes, you can quickly touch up paint in high-contact areas (around switch plates, baseboards, and backsplashes), which can really make a big difference.

#3 Clean up the yard

First impressions are everything. Make sure that your front porch is cleaned, swept, and any outdoor furniture is scrubbed. If planters are overgrown, or grass is dead, start fresh with new plants and sod. Buy a new welcome mat to ensure that the front door area is clean and inviting.

Simple fixes can improve traffic and reduce time on the market

Buyers want to envision their future lives. The right lighting, clean walls, and an inviting yard go a long way in helping buyers see their future in the home. This translates into better showing traffic, and less time on the market.

The biggest challenge in real estate is to get the buyer through the door. These types of cosmetic updates make the home more inviting in pictures, meaning buyers are more likely to schedule showings.

The bottom line…

Don’t overlook minor cosmetic issues

Making these minor costmer repairs or upgrades won’t overcome larger issues in need of repair, but when sellers go the extra mile in making the property ready for sale, it certainly helps the deal. When it is clear that an owner has invested time and energy into the house, buyers feel more comfortable moving forward with the purchase.

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