14 Asheville Condo Buildings That Allow Pets

Do you own pets and are considering living in a condo in Asheville?

High-rise & condo living is booming as more people are looking for an easier, maintenance-free lifestyle with amenities like pools, views, valet parking, etc.

Asheville is a dog-friendly city! From dog parks to doggie day care to restaurants and cafes that welcome dogs, Asheville has plenty of resources for those who love their furry friends.

There are over 40 residential condos in Asheville, North Carolina, but it’s tough navigating pet-restrictions across these condo buildings.

Restrictions can look like, but are not limited to:

Here is a list of pet-friendly Asheville condos (some even have designated pet areas).

Lexington Station

[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”Lexington Station”]

Bauhaus South Slope

[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”Bauhaus South Slope”]

12 South Lexington Avenue

12 South Lexington Condos
12 South Lexington Condos
[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”12 South Lexington Avenue”]

The Landings

The Landing _ Spring 2022
The Landing – Completed Fall 2022
[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”The Landings”]

The Arras

[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”Arras Condos”]

145 Biltmore

145 Biltmore Condos

[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”145 Biltmore Avenue”]

21 Battery Park

21 Battery Park Condos
21 Battery Park Condos
[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”21 Battery Park”]

45 Asheland

45 Asheland Ave. Condos
45 Asheland Ave. Condos
[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”45 Asheland Ave”]

55 South Market

55 South Market Condos
55 South Market Condos
[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”55 South Market”]

60 N Market

60 N Market
60 N Market Condos
[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”60 N Market Street”]

The Haywood

The Haywood Condos
The Haywood Condos
[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”Haywood”]

17 N Market Street

[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”17 N Market Street”]

Kress Building Condos

[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”Kress”]

Sawyer Motor Building Condos

Sawyer Motor Building Condos
Sawyer Motor Building Condos
[showcaseidx_hotsheet name=”Sawyer Motor Building”]

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